Andy Schindling


Andy, who is a native Prince George's County youth baseball player and former Minor League Pitcher, was able to take a baseball dream and make it a reality. Driven by a deep passion to give back to the youth, Andy has now channeled all his efforts to help the youth in his community reach their goals and see their dreams come to a reality.  


What started out as a vision to provide baseball players with high quality coaching/instruction and financial assistance to help families afford the cost of baseball, has turned into a vision of helping all youth, both students and athletes, reach their full potential and living out their dreams.


Andy fundamentally believes that our youth deserve an organization that will help students and athletes become all they can be, whether thats in academics, sports, or in life. Driven by this deep passion, Andy is committed to providing opportunities to the youth that will enable them to chase their dreams and make them a reality.



Create opportunities for successful futures through high quality baseball training and faith based character development.


To develop and prepare student-athletes for success in academics, sports and in life.  

Andy Schindling
Founder/Executive Director

Curt Anderson
Josh Shirlen
Board Member
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